Brown 50 - Columbia 29 on Randalls Island

Saturday, October 15, 2016

NEW YORK CITY, NY -- Brown University Rugby team traveled to the Big Apple to play the Lions of Columbia. The match within two points at the halfway mark went to the favor of Brown in the end by a score of 50 to 29.

With no preparation time due to Brown’s bus failing to show, Brown took the field and kicked off right at 7:30pm.  The 3+ hours of travel and lack of prep took its toll as the bears struggled to find any consistency in its pattern for much of the first half.  With senior captain Joseph Paolino left home with an illness, president Peter McHugh took charge of the side.  At just shy of the 10 minute mark, Brown finally was on the board when John Landers went over for a score. Columbia, not to be discouraged by this, came back less then 5 minutes later and levied the score off a series of pick and jams at the back of a goal line ruck. 

It took another ten minutes before Mike Ball was able to find his way into the in goal area.  That try was converted by McHugh to take the lead.  Columbia then slotted a penalty kick at the 26 minute mark however Brown now seemed to be stringing more and more phases of play together and was showing signs of control.  At the 31st minute, junior Nick Hoynes got his hands on the ball just outside the Bear’s 22 line.  He took off moving left across the field, beating the defender on the outside.  Several steps in and out saw defenders left wondering what had just happened. Eventually, Hoynes was roped close to the goal line.  Unfortunately, this was a little too late as great support play saw Mike Ball gather up the ball and go over for his second score of the day.  Columbia responded a short time later with a converted try to end the half 17-15 in favor of Brown.

Halftime: Brown 17 v Columbia 15

Brown re-grouped at half.  It didn’t take long after the whistle to get on the board.  Two minutes in, Brown executed a well driven lineout.  The ball came out to the backs where Ogilvy missed the first center and hit junior Connor McDermott who went over for his first try on the day.  The try was converted by McHugh.  A few minutes later Columbia were placed under pressure at a lineout.  Landers picked up a loose ball and a second score for him on the day quickly followed.  This conversion converted by McHugh who seemed to be striking the ball cleanly by this point.  At the 57th minute, Brown counter attacked off a kick.  Ogilvy attacked but fed the ball to McDermott who notched his second score of the day.  Once again, McHugh made it look easy as he added to 2 extra points to put Brown well ahead with 38 points. 

At the 60 minute mark, Brown made some changes in the side bringing on Dakota Fenn, Matt Jenkins and Alan Swierczynski.  Not long after the changes, McDermott broke free again and touched down for his 3rd try of the day.  Columbia did not go down quietly as they began a very aggressive pick and go game at the rucks.  With 10 minutes to go, this tactic paid off for them as they scored another converted try to lessen the score 43-22.  The new found sprit was short lived as Landers, looking for his 3rd try of the day, drew 3 defenders to put wing Placid Unegbu for Brown’s 48th point on the day.  McHugh made it a round 50 pushing the conversion through the uprights.  With the game well won and no time remaining, Columbia again went to the pick and jam game. The Lions charged over for the last score of the day and the well needed bonus point for them in league standings.  The conversion for them was good as the referee blew his whistle to end the game 50 points to 29 in favor of Brown. 

Final: Brown 50 v Columbia 29

Columbia Scoring

14th min – Columbia – try – 5
​26th min – Columbia – penalty – 3
​33rd min – Columbia – converted try – 7
​71st min – Columbia – converted try – 7
​80th min – Columbia – converted try – 7

Brown Scoring

9th min            John Landers – try – 5         
​22nd min         Mike Ball – try – 5
                        Peter McHugh – conversion – 2 
​31st min          Mike Ball – try – 5
​42nd min         Connor McDermott – try – 5
                        Peter McHugh – conversion – 2
​48th min         John Landers – try – 5
                        Peter McHugh – conversion – 2
​57th min         Connor McDermott – try – 5
                        Peter McHugh – conversion – 2
​64th min         Connor McDermott – try – 5
​74th min         Placid Unegbu – try – 5
                       Peter McHugh – conversion – 2


Team Lineup

Match Side: 1st XV

1 Hiller, Tyler 
2 Norwitz, Raphael 
3 Mourkakos, Kyriakos
4 Dean, Kevin
5 Guy, Jadrian
6 Bruton, Theodore
7 Preston, Tyler
8 Tremblay, Matthew 
9 Canales, Geoffrey
10 Sundquist, Kevin
11 Larroque, Matthieu
12 Guillon, Ben 
13 Appel, Cameron
14 Nassiri, Mecca
15 Owino, Raphael
16 Thomas, Michael
17 Poklikuha, Charles
18 Gorski, Kevin
19 Moazami, Sam
20 Speer, Zackery
21 Bullard, Nick
22 Wang, Vincent
23 Powell, Jacob

Match Side: 1st XV

1.   Kerim Saraglu
2.   John Landers
3.   Henry Richardson
4.   Graham Rotenberg
5.   Fran Rosenberg
6.   Nkanyiso Nzimande
​7.   Luke Hayhoe
8.   Jae Kim
9.   Joseph Paolino
10. Alex Ogilvy
11. Nick Hoynes
12. Peter McHugh
13. Connor McDermott
14. Placid Unegbu
15. Mike Ball
16. Mike Manning
17. Dakota Fenn
18. Matt Jenkins
19. Matt Dowling
20. Thomas Kim
21. Allan Swierczynski
22. Federico Torti
23. Henry Miller