Dartmouth 86 - Yale 0

Saturday, October 8, 2016

New Haven, CT- Dartmouth over Yale 86-0. Dartmouth traveled to New Haven for its first away Ivy League game of the season.  With a couple of injuries, the Big Green had to move a few players around, however the offense ran smoothly as Dartmouth had its highest scoring game of the season so far. 

When asked about the game captain Hayden Aldredge stated “it was a great win, taking the field with my bros, whoa what a feeling.”

Dartmouth came out firing against Yale and a hard run from prop Krieg Greco put Dartmouth on the board at 7-0. A few minutes later some quick feet from fly-half Dawit Workie gave Dartmouth a 14-0 lead. Things continued to go well for the offense and some nice ball movement led to a Struan Coleman try as Dartmouth went up 19-0. A dropped ball in the try zone led to a great heads up play and try from wing Julien Johnson extending the Dartmouth lead to 24-0. However, Julien was not done and used some speed to get a second try just a few minutes later as Dartmouth went up 29-0. Dawit Workie’s stepping proved too much to handle for the Yale defense as he danced into the try zone making the score 34-0. Quick ball movement to the wing led to a 2 on 1 and a selfless offload from Julien Johnson led to a Max Parker try giving Dartmouth a 39-0 lead. After a lot of backs action, the big men were anxious to get some of their own and a crushing run from Kreig Greco and an offload to Steven Hinshaw gave Dartmouth a 44-0 lead. Just before halftime, a great run from Benji Hannam led to a Luke Beinstock try as Dartmouth finished the half at 51-0.

With a comfortable lead and ball possession to start the half, Dartmouth made a number of substitutes to give some other players a chance. After closing out the first half with a try, Luke Beinstock got Dartmouth off to a good start with his second try of the game and extending the lead to 58-0. Hayden Aldredge hit a hard line and put one down under the posts extending the lead to 65-0. The forwards continued their dominance and an offload from Steven Hinshaw gave Struan Coleman his second try of the game putting Dartmouth up 72-0. Max Parker blew by a whole number of Yale defenders and put one under the posts increasing the lead to 79-0. Just before time expired Gordon Driscoll offloaded a beautiful pass to Hayden Aldredge who punched it in and helped Dartmouth close out the game 86-0.

The B-side faced off after and was just as dominant as the A side. Relentless speed on offense and hard-hitting defense helped the B-side win 70-0. It was great day for the Big Green who held its position atop the Ivy League and moved tp 3-0.

Dartmouth will host Princeton next Saturday.

Dartmouth Scoring

'2 Dartmouth try Krieg Greco '17
'2 Dartmouth conv Dawit Workie '17
'6 Dartmouth try Dawit Workie '17
'6 Dartmouth conv Dawit Workie '17
'10 Dartmouth try Struan Coleman '19
'15 Dartmouth try Julien Johnson '18
'18 Dartmouth try Julien Johnson '18
'26 Dartmouth try Dawit Workie '17
'30 Dartmouth try Max Parker '17
'35 Dartmouth try Steven Hinshaw '18
'39 Dartmouth try Luke Bienstock '20
'39 Dartmouth conv Dawit Workie '17
'45 Dartmouth try Luke Bienstock '20
'45 Dartmouth conv Jack Badenhausen '19
'53 Dartmouth try Hayden Aldredge '17
'53 Dartmouth conv Jack Badenhausen '19
'60 Dartmouth try Struan Coleman '19
'60 Dartmouth conv Jack Badenhausen '19
'64 Dartmouth try Max Parker '17
'64 Dartmouth conv Jack Badenhausen '19
'68 Dartmouth try Hayden Aldredge '17
'68 Dartmouth conv Jack Badenhausen '19


This weekend, Dartmouth travel to New Haven for the 3rd Ivy League match of this campaign (1-1). Dartmouth is coming off wins against Brown and Harvard the past two weekends.

After a disappointing result vs Princeton last Saturday in round 2, this is a big challenge for Yale against the Ivy powerhouse. 

If you are in New Haven, please come by and support the Bulldogs. Look for the Yale Rugby table, there will be a few family members hanging around.

The 1st XV game kicks off at 11.00am followed by the development team at 12.30pm.

Team Lineup

Match Side: 2nd XV

1- Liam Morris '19
2- JM Seibert '19
3- Reed Kuivila '19
4- Dylan Burke '19
5- Peter Badenhausen '18
6- Will Shadek '19
7- Kyle Burcin '19
8- Marwan Zelmat '19
9- Andrew Robinson '19
10- Pat O’Neil '20
11- Christian Guinchard '19
12- James Keefe '18
13- Ernie Pichardo '18
14- Gyorgy Brevnov '20
15- Chris Nkoy '18
16 – Nick Cervenka '19
17 - Juan Garcia '18
18 - William Hudson-Ortyn '19
19 - Max Gomez '19
21 – Jack Kinney '19
22-  Zach Kumar '19
23 – Chris Augemon '17

Match Side: 1st XV

1. Paul Gudmundsson '17
2. Gordon Driscoll '17
3. Kreig Greco '17
4. Steven Hinshaw '18
5. Struan Coleman '19
6. Fuller Winton '19
7. Benji Hannam '18
8. Hayden Aldredge '17
9. Patrick Sheehy '20
10. Dawit Workie '17
11. Julien Johnson '18
12. John Brady '18
13. Jack Badenhausen '19
14. Luke Bienstock '20
15. Max Parker '17
16. Reed Kuivlia '19
17. Liam Morris '19
18. Peter Badenhausen '18
19. JM Seibert '19
20. Marwan Zelmat '19
21. Ian Sullivan '18
22. Jesse Brown '17
23. Chris Nkoy '18
Gyorgy Brevnov '20
Pat O’Neill '20
Andrew Robinson '19

Match Side: 1st XV

After a productive week of training, selection will be made on Friday evening after the captains run.
There are a number of players who have fitness tests before selection can be made.
However this weekend is too soon for Miles Kim '20, Jimmy Wilkins '19 and Luc Ryan Schreiber '17 who picked up injuries in the first half of the Princeton game.
This provides a great opportunity for other squad members to take their chance.