2017 Ivy Rugby Contacts

2017 Ivy Rugby Committees and Executive Positions

updated Feb 9, 2017

2017 Executive Committee

President: Stephen Siano, Cornell University, siano@ivyrugby.com
Secretary: Milli Luciano, Cornell University luciano.amelia@gmail.com
Match Secretary Men: David LaFlamme, Brown, david_laflamme@brown.edu
Match Secretary Women: Katie Dowty, Dartmouth College, katie.dowty@gmail.com
General Counsel: Andy Margolis, Penn, andy@margolisrealty.com


Other Committees

2017 Competitions Committee

Men's Competitions Committee

Chair: David LaFlamme, Brown david_laflamme@brown.edu
Greg McWilliams, Alex Magelby, Dan Kennedy, Dave Burke, Richard Lopacki, Matt Caltabiano, Anthony Adams

Women's Competitions Committee

Chair: Katie Dowty, Dartmouth College katie.dowty@gmail.com
Craig Wilson, Sue Parker, Kathy Flores, Chris Ryan, Margaret Lorenc, Justina Devruzzi , Maddie McGovern

​2017 Disciplinary Committee

Chair: Jay Fluck, Brown jay.fluck@cbre-ne.com
JoJo Bucci, Cornell jojobucci@yahoo.com
Jan Pikul, Yale University, janpikul@hotmail.com
Kathy Flores, Brown University, kathleen_flores@brown.edu
Chris Ryan, Princeton University, chris@ryanmasonry.com
Craig Wilson, Yale University, craig.r.wilson@yale.edu

2017 Marketing, Sponsorship, and Promotions

Chair: Andy Margolis, University of Pennsylvania, andy@margolisrealty.com
Michael G Diamantopoulos, Harvard University, mdiamantopoulos@fas.harvard.edu
Nick Clapinson, University of Pennsylvania, nicholas.clapinson@gmail.com
Scott Adams, Brown University, adamsnyc@gmail.com

2017 Select Side Committee

Men's Select Side Committee

Chair: David LaFlamme, Brown david_laflamme@brown.edu
M.C Laubscher, Princeton University mclaubscher@gmail.com

Women's Select Side Committee

Chair: Chris Ryan, Princeton chris@ryanmasonry.com
Kathy Flores, Stacey Bridges

2017 Finance Committee

Chairman/Treasurer: Joann A. Brislin, Dartmouth Joann.A.Brislin@dartmouth.edu
Bob Far, Brown University, rafar@sprynet.com

2017 Sports Medicine Task Force

Chair: Eric Wamsley Columbia Athletic Trainer ew2492@cumc.columbia.edu
David LaFlamme, Brown david_laflamme@brown.edu
Kelly Teixera, Brown Men Rugby Athletic Trainer Kelly@foundrysportsmedicine.com
Ben Shuler, Dartmouth Athletic Trainer Benjamin.Schuler@dartmouth.edu

Updated Feb 9, 2017

2017 Ivy Rugby Directors / Voting Members

Kathy Flores, Brown University Women's Director, kathleen_flores@brown.edu
Jay Fluck, Brown University Men's Director, jay.fluck@cbre-ne.com
Ellis Breunig, Columbia University Women's Director, elb2159@barnard.edu
Daniel Kennedy, Columbia University Men's Director, dk2722@columbia.edu
Milli Luciano, Cornell University Women's Director, luciano.amelia@gmail.com
David Burke, Cornell University Men's Director, david.burke@cornell.edu
Katie Dowty, Dartmouth College, katie.dowty@gmail.com
Alex Magleby, Dartmouth College Men's Director, amag@dartmouth.edu
OPEN, Harvard University Women's Director
Michael G Diamantopoulos, Harvard University Men's Director, mdiamantopoulos@fas.harvard.edu
Miranda Van Dijk, University of Pennsylvania Women's Director, mcvd@optonline.net
Andy Margolis, University of Pennsylvania Men's Director, andy@margolisrealty.com
Chris Ryan, Princeton University Women's Director, chris@ryanmasonry.com
Richard Lopacki, Princeton University Men's Director, purfc1@gmail.com
Craig Wilson, Yale University Women's Director, craig.r.wilson@yale.edu
Greg McWilliams, Yale University Men's Director, greg.mcwilliams@yale.edu

updated Feb 9, 2017

2107 Ivy Rugby Women's Head Coaches

Kathy Flores, Brown University, kathleen_flores@brown.edu
Lucy Oswald, Columbia University, lucia.oswald@gmail.com
Meatoe Marearai, Cornell University, maitoe@aol.com
Katie Dowty, Dartmouth College, Kathryn.B.Dowty@dartmouth.edu
OPEN, Harvard University
Marcus Gordon-Lewis, University of Pennsylvania, marcusgordon1214@gmail.com
Chris Ryan, Princeton University, chris@ryanmasonry.com
Craig Wilson, Yale University, craig.r.wilson@yale.edu

2017 Ivy Rugby Men's Head Coaches

David Laflamme, Brown University, david_laflamme@brown.edu
Daniel Kennedy, Columbia University, dk2722@columbia.edu
David Burke, Cornell University, dcb282@cornell.edu
OPEN, Dartmouth College
Michael G Diamantopoulos, Harvard University. mdiamantopoulos@fas.harvard.edu
Richard Lopacki, Princeton University, purfc1@gmail.com
Nick Clapinson, University of Pennsylvani, nicholas.clapinson@gmail.com
Greg McWilliams, Yale University,  greg.mcwilliams@yale.edu