Columbia Women

CUWRFC is a Columbia University club sports team that participates in the Ivy Rugby Conference. The team welcomes students from all of Columbia University’s undergraduate colleges – Columbia College, Barnard, SEAS, and General Studies – and women of all levels athletic and sports experience.

Join Columbia Rugby

Joining CUWRFC is easy – there are no try outs or criteria except for being a student at CU.  All you have to do is show up to one of our practice sessions.  If you’re interested, contact one of the CUWRFC officers or just go to their practice!  All you need are sneakers or cleats, water, and a metrocard.

the women of Columbia University rugby
Fall 2022
CU Women's Rugby competes in Division II of the Tri-State League
Fall 2021
Columbia before first match against Penn
Fall 2018
Columbia Women's Rugby 2017
Fall 2017
Columbia Women Fall 2017
Fall 2017
2017 Columbia Women
Spring 2017
Columbia Women Fall 2016
Fall 2016
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CUWRFC at Beast of the East Tournament
Spring 2013
Columbia Women Fall 2012
Fall 2012
Columbia Women Spring 2012
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2011 Columbia Women Rugby
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2007 Columbia Women's Rugby
2007 Columbia Women's Rugby
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