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The Harvard Rugby Football Club is a collegiate rugby team at Harvard College. Founded in 1872, the HRFC is the oldest Rugby Club in North America.

Harvard, which organized its own Foot Ball Club Dec. 3, 1872, for games between classes, had to look elsewhere than to Yale, Princeton, Columbia and Rutgers for intercollegiate competition because of rules differences. So it welcomed a proposal that came from McGill University for a series of games. Two games were played in the spring of 1874 at Cambridge and a third at Montreal in the fall. It was agreed that the first of the 2 at Cambridge should be played under Harvard's rules and the second under McGill's rules, which were the rules of the English game of rugby.

Today, Harvard competes in the Ivy Rugby Conference. Rugby, with around 80 members, is one of the largest club teams at Harvard.

Harvard Rugby 2001-2003, Includes Footage of USA Semifinal

The Harvard Rugby Football Club finished 2nd in the USA in '03. This video chronicles some of the moments on the journey to the USA Final Four & includes highlights from the semis v. Army. The Final Four took place in Palo Alto, CA at Steuber Stadium on the campus of Stanford - Great facility for Rugby.

Thanks to all of the photogenic members of the HRFC, coach Leavitt, Naupaka Zimmerman. "Obsides Non Capiende" (hope I got that right) ~ Bruce R., HRFC '87

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