Princeton 22 - BU 0 in heavy snow

Saturday, October 29, 2011

The snow didn't deter the Tigers in a hard-fought match. The Princeton Women prevailed in very snowy conditions 22-0 over Boston University. It was a nasty, snowy, windy day.  The conditions were so bad that Princeton needed to delay the start of the match for 15 minutes just to expose the lines.

"Here's the 3-second version of the game ... It was right up there in terms of nasty conditions ... though I think the worst might have been the 1995 ITT championship between ERU women and Pacific (we won), in dry but 12 degree weather in Nashville," commented Princeton head coach Emil Signes. Recently, the 3 second version was swapped with the full, Real McCoy. It's worth the watch!

Princeton got off very quickly with a try by Lauren Rhode from the initial possession.  Later in the half hooker Hana Passen dove over the line to make it 10-0.

Princeton controlled possession and position in the second half and Rhode scored two more tries and converted the last one to make the final score 22-0

Signes summed it up, "It wasn't pretty and it was fiercely contested but Princeton got the points and that's all you can hope for out of conditions like these."