Harvard University 96 @ Princeton University 12

After a victory against Penn, Harvard made the trip to Princeton for the second game of the 2009 Fall Season. The starting XV looked rested and recovered after their match the day before, and the HRFC hoped to repeat their dominating performance.

Writeup from Harvard Rugby Football Club The match opened with some strong play from the Crimson forwards, and HRFC President Charlie Boutwell ‘10 started off with a quick try. Boutwell was named Man of the Match Saturday and closed the weekend with strong play all around.

Dan Deighton ‘10, Jonathan Kola ‘12, and Khaki Burke ‘10 followed with tries of their own. Deighton had four more tries throughout the game, and Burke ran in three more scores before all was said and done. Xander Groeneveld ‘11 powered in in outstanding Aussie fashion to put his own mark on the scoreboard, and Connor Heard ‘12 followed in suit. The speedy TJ Brennan ‘10 sped in past the Princeton defense, and the young Jonathan Rossi ‘12 also punched in for a try. Princeton managed two unconverted tries of their own, but center Dave Renteln ‘11 got the last word with a daring score after some impressive handling from the Harvard back line.

The game featured big hits from the Harvard squad, especially from countrymen Groeneveld and Jeff Overall ‘11. The legendary Mike Sharp returned from a brief hiatus to put in some quality minutes and dominated the rucks with grit and great technique. Xander Groeneveld was named Man of the Match for his dominating defensive performance combined with impressive offensive running.

Final Score: Harvard 96, Princeton 12

Special thanks to Mason Pesek Harvard‘12, Will Peck Harvard‘12, and Jonathan Rossi Harvard‘12 for their help in compiling this game report.