1939: Harvard Ruggers Face Yale, Cornell, Princeton In Bermuda

Friday, March 24, 1939

Crimson rugby players will embark on April 1 for a week's stay in Bermuda where they will play Yale, Princeton, and Cornell during the annual rugby week held there.

Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Cornell

Published On Friday, March 24, 1939 in the Harvard Crimson The Rugby Club was forced to reject a previous invitation from the San Francisco Golden Gate Exhibition to fly west and play several public matches with California teams at the Fair during Spring Vacation. It was felt that the trip would be too expensive and impractical, Sydney Cabot, unofficial coach of the rugby team explained yesterday. First opponent to face the rugby team at Bermuda will be Cornell. The winner of the match will play the victor of a game between Yale and Princeton for the championship. In addition, a combined intercollegiate team will meet the all-Bermuda ruggers for the island title.