1949: Harvard Ruggers Claw Tigers Today; JV's Play Too

Saturday, April 23, 1949

The Rugby Club plays the first round of the 1949 Big Three Championship today and it promises to be a good one. Harvard and Princeton have already played to a 0-0 tie down in Bermuda. Kickoff time in the feature attraction is 3 p.m. and the locale is Soldiers Field.

The not-so-feature attraction is a preliminary engagement between the respective Jayvees and this gets underway at 1:45 p.m.

Tough Tiger

Princeton is an excellent rugby team which has as its main offensive weapon a squad of great muscular backs. They also showed in their Bermuda jaunt an alarming knowledge of the game, and considerable coordination. Pitted against the Crimson's larger than average team, these factors should make for a bruising contest.

Crimson chances were dealt a series of low blows this week as three-quarter backs A1 Green and A1 Key were sidelined with pulled log muscles. Both are doubtful starters against the Tigers.

Their replacements, should they not play, will be chosen from the triumvirate of John Emerson, A1 Fuller, and Charley Whiting. In addition Colin McIntyre, another back, has been bothered with a sore throat all week.

The Bloom of Youth

But the men up front are a healthy lot. Peter Manning-Smith, Lou Travis, and Bill Boucher will as usual make up the front line of the scrum, Ferd Schoch and Ed White the second, and John Carey, Joe Soriano, and Eddie Davis the outer shell.

For the Jayvees, who have been up to now only the sparring partners of the Varsity, theirs will be the opening game of the season.

By Donald Carswell, The Harvard Crimson