2009 ALL-IVY Selections Announced

The coaches and administrators from the eight Ivy League Schools announce the 2009 Ivy League All-Stars. Congratulations to all participants in the 2009 Ivy League Championships.

All-Ivy 1st Team

Front Row (1st) 1 Mike Dibenedetto, Dartmouth 2 Andrew Dete, Dartmouth 3 Damian Scarf, Columbia 2nd Rows (1st) 4 Anthony Arch, Dartmouth 5 Corbett, Harvard Back Row (1st) 6 Paul Jarvis, Dartmouth 7 Derek Lipscomb, Columbia 8 Teddy Baron, Harvard 8 Matt Alkaitis, Dartmouth Halfbacks (1st) 9 Tommy Brothers, Dartmouth 9 Nick Rizzo, Harvard 10 Conlan O'Leary, Dartmouth Centers (1st) 12. Ry Sullivan, Dartmouth 13. Phil Galligan, Dartmouth Wings (1st) 11. Derek Fish, Dartmouth 14. Chris Downer, Dartmouth Fullback (1st) 15 Jeff Kolovson, Dartmouth

All-Ivy 2nd Team

Front Row (2nd) Harvard - Porras Harvard Charlie Boutwell Charles Grant, Dartmouth 2nd Rows (2nd) Zach Foda, Dartmouth Erik Estabrook, Dartmouth Back Row (2nd) Phil Constaneau, Yale Will Lehmann, Dartmouth Justin Clouden, Penn Halfbacks (2nd) Ben Tsui, Princeton Benton Erwin, Princeton Centers (2nd) Conor Russomanno, Columbia TJ Brennan, Harvard Wings (2nd) Sam Rabb, Brown Jonny Miller, Harvard Fullback (2nd) Jimmy Zhan, Penn

All-Ivy Honorable Mention

Props (HM) Nicholas Daly, Penn Ben Skarzynski, Penn Mike Horrell, Yale Hookers (HM) Matt Belgiovine, Penn Zac Flowerman, Princeton 2nd Rows (HM) Andre Chimowitz, Penn Mike Tully, Penn Zak Deschaine, Princeton Tim Shriver, Yale Back Row (HM) Michael Paci, Penn Halfbacks (HM) Jonny Chia, Penn Evan Edwards, Yale Shawn Kitchner, Brown Centers (HM) Ronny Abbo, Penn Barzin Nabet, Penn Ben Baker, Brown Pat Madden, Yale Wings (HM) Nick Downer, Dartmouth Jamie Besant, Penn Eric Lamb, Penn Harry Amadasun, Cornell Fullback (HM) Dan Deighton, Harvard