2011 All-Ivy Selections Announced

Dartmouth, Harvard, Columbia, Brown and Yale rugby teams are all represented on the 2011 All-Ivy first team selections. Dartmouth won the Ivy competition last fall and went on to compete in the Collegiate Premier League this spring posting a 4-5 record. Well behind Dartmouth's undefeated record, Columbia, Harvard, Yale and Brown finished in a close pack for the second through fifth spots in the league. The selections by the coaches from each team, are consistent with the finish in the fall league. Congratulations to all selected.

2011 All-Ivy 1st team

1  Dave Gomez Dartmouth
2  Lane Bracken Dartmouth
3  Charlie Grant Dartmouth
4  Ted Barron Harvard
5  Nate Brakeley Dartmouth
6  Derek Lipscomb Columbia
7  Paul Jarvis Dartmouth
8  Phil Constantinou Yale
9  Derek Fish Dartmouth
10 Gabe Cunningham Harvard
10 Tommy Brothers Dartmouth
12 Will Lehmann Dartmouth
13 Ryan Vandersloot Yale
11 Chris Dower Dartmouth
14 Dow Travers Brown
15 Conor Russomanno Columbia

2011 All-Ivy 2nd team

1  Spencer Desena Harvard
2  Marco Cianflone Harvard
3  Andrew Alvarez Brown
4  Dylan Jones Dartmouth
5  Jonathan Rossi Harvard
6  Pradyumna Gurusamy Dartmouth
7  Bobby McMahon Columbia
8  Greg Karwaski Brown
9  Jaime Zobel de Ayala Harvard
10 Zahid Jethani Brown
12 Jonny Cummins Harvard
13 Matthew Shippsey Yale
11 Ian Hogg Dartmouth
11 Kudzanayi Dzvairo Columbia
14 James McGinn Brown
15 Carl Zehner Dartmouth

2011 All-Ivy Honorable Mention

Everett Epestein Brown
Chaney Harrison Brown
Manfredo Koelliker Brown
Matt Leonard Brown
Danny Levine Brown
Sam Rabb Brown
Evan Alvarez Columbia
Ian Hillman Columbia
Peyton Bell Columbia
David Lynch Columbia
Olof Matti Columbia  
Evan Platt Columbia
Stephen Crook Cornell
Mathew Mullery Cornell
Paulo Reis Cornell
Wade Simmons Cornell
Nick Downer Dartmouth
Clark Judge Dartmouth
Will Mueller Dartmouth
Max de la cal Harvard
Brendan Hanrahan Harvard
Dave Renteln Harvard
David Sackstein Harvard
Jonny Chia Penn
Justin Dean Penn
Matt Deluca Penn 
Andrew Martin Penn
Felipe Rigeadeau-Lopez Penn
Max Selig Penn  
Pete Davidson Princeton      
Zak Deschaine Princeton
Philip Halsey Princeton
Matt Hepburn Princeton
Nick Finger Yale
Grey Grissom Yale
Mack Hull Yale
Nick Lombardo Yale
Dan O'Brien Yale
Tim Shriver Yale