2019 All Ivy 7s Teams Announced

Junior wing Dominique Cantave breaks away from the Dartmouth defense on her way to the game winning try.

Ivy League 7s Final, Harvard vs Dartmouth

The Ivy Rugby Conference congratulates the players selected for the 2019 All Ivy 7s teams. These players were selected for their outstanding performance at the Ivy 7s Championship Tournament held at Harvard University on Saturday, April 13, 2019.

For the first time, the women’s and men’s tournaments were combined into a single event. Thanks to all of the players, coaches, staff, and referees who participated in making the tournament a huge success!

Women’s All Ivy Club Team 2019

Coco Wallace ’21 Princeton
Sydney Hsu ’21 Princeton
Kate Denner ’19 Princeton
Keren Kabambi ’19 Princeton
Deena Soville ’20 Cornell
Annika Gerlach ’22 Cornell
Haylee Calabrese ’21 Cornell
Renna Wauer ’20 Yale
Maslen Ward ’20 Yale
Mikayla Angel ’21 Penn
Michele Feely ’19 Columbia
Emily Reed ’19 Columbia
Jana Jaran ‘22 Columbia

Women’s All Ivy Varsity Team 2019

Cass Bargell Harvard ‘22
Delia Hellander Harvard ‘20
Emily Prentice Harvard ‘20
Caitlin Weigel Harvard ‘19
Arianna Ramsey ’22 Dartmouth
Emily Henrich ’22 Dartmouth
Marin Penell ‘21 Dartmouth
Camille Johnson ’19 Dartmouth
Abby O’Keefe ’20 Brown
Zyana Thomas ’22 Brown
Karina Wang ’21 Brown

Men’s All Ivy First Team 2019

Fuller Winton ‘19 Dartmouth
Alex Green ’20 Harvard
Kyle Burchin ’19 Dartmouth
Mike Weir ‘22 Dartmouth
Ryan Santos ’22 Harvard
Jasper Green ‘22 Dartmouth
Jordan Mabuko ‘22 Harvard

Men’s All Ivy Second Team 2019

Jarrett Balter ’19 Yale
Sebastian Schwartz ’20 Harvard
Struan Coleman ’19 Dartmouth
Alex Gouws ’22 Columbia
Sean Lukong ’21 Brown
Jesse Thompson ’20 Cornell
Aiden Macpherson ’22 Penn

Men’s All Ivy Honorable Mentions 2019

John Kim ‘22 Brown
Robert Waddilove ’19 Harvard
Daniel Marsh ’21 Yale
Arend Wong ’22 Columbia
David Kim ’21 Penn