Brown Rugby Announces Spring 2010 Tour to Bermuda

Brown Rugby kicks off its 50th year with a tour to Bermuda from Friday, March 26 to Saturday, April 3. Why Bermuda for our 50th you might ask?

Well, Brown Rugby took its first tour ever in 1965 to Bermuda. For those who went on that tour, you will recall that Brown won all four of its matches and according to the Bermudians, was the first collegiate team to go undefeated against Bermuda teams. We’ll have to search the archives to provide confirmation of this achievement. There have been several subsequent tours, the most recent of which was in 2007.

With Bermuda only a short and, in many cases, a direct flight from our shores, we thought this destination might appeal to our rugby alumni, friends and parents. It may be difficult for many of you to join us for the entire week but we have scheduled our first two matches around the first weekend and hope that many of you will join us for at least a long weekend. Brown Rugby will arrive in Bermuda on Friday, March 26 around mid-day and we will stay at the Rosemont Hotel which is at the west end of Hamilton, just up the hill from the Hamilton Princess, geographically a very central location for shopping and night life and within a short drive or motor scooter ride from the South Shore beaches.

We are scheduled to play our first match mid to late afternoon on Saturday, March 27. Thus if you fly in on Saturday morning, you should be able to attend our first match. Sunday will be a free day and Brown will play its second match on Monday, March 29, with our last match on Thursday, April 1. For those who want to stay the week, we are happy to have you with us. For those who would just like a taste of Bermuda, come on Saturday for our first match and depart when you have to return. Bermuda is close enough to allow whatever flexibility you require. However, I will tempt you with our plan to have a large cookout which will bring all of the players and supporters together early in the tour, perhaps Sunday or Tuesday. Also, if enough former players decide to join us, we can schedule an Brown Old Boys match against a like Bermuda side, again on Sunday or Tuesday. . Given our schedule, I suggest arriving on Saturday morning and departing on Wednesday if you can afford a three day vacation.

For those of you who dare, you may make want to stay at the team hotel the Rosemont: Call manager Neal Stephens at 441-292-1055 or email the Rosemont at Rosemontatibl [dot] bm. Two other small hotels are very nearby: The Royal Palms (441-292-1854) and the Rosedon (441-295-1640) A nearby large hotel is the Hamilton Princess (441-295-3000 is the main number and reservations is 441-295-1414). Or stay at your favorite resort and link up with the team as you wish. For those of you who do join us, please email me with your dates of arrival and departure so that I can provide you with our detailed tour and match itinerary.

I also want to make sure we provide a Brown Rugby welcome and allow you to join in on our activities. I do hope to see many of you in Bermuda this March.


Jay Fluck Director of Brown Rugby

Contact: Jay Fluck, Director of Rugby, Brown University
Email: Jay [dot] Fluckatcbre-ne [dot] com