Dartmouth's Alex Magleby Head Coach 2009 Collegiate All-Americans

Dartmouth's Alex Magleby will coach the 2009 Collegiate All-American team, which has not set any tour plans.

"Across the board we have to continue to raise the fitness and skill thresholds of collegiate rugby athletes, which is an area that we can all really control,” said coach Magleby. The All American Team is made up of the nation's best collegiate rugby players who are picked annually on the basis of performance at the Collegiate All-Star Championships, the National Collegiate Championships and the preceding collegiate season. The All-American Team has long been a precursor to international honors, with many All-Americans graduating to the USA National Team. Coaching Staff Alex Magleby, Head Coach Dan Payne, Assistant Coach Kimball Kjar, Assistant Coach John McNamara, Manager Selection Panel Kevin Battle Blake Burdette Craig Coates Curt Huckaby Don Ferrell Bill Sexton Just as in 2008, the primary selection venue for the 2009 All-American Team will center around the National Collegiate All-Star Championships in Glendale, Colo. The National Collegiate All-Stars will be a three day event this year in response to last year’s Territorial Union (TU) coaches’ roundtable recommendation of providing a rest day between the first and second rounds of competition. The Championships have been set for June 11 and 13, and are intended to showcase the best collegiate players in the country to a panel of All-American Selectors. For additional information contact All American Rugby Program Head Coach Alex Magleby at alexander [dot] maglebyatdartmouth [dot] edu ( )