Brown Men 2nd XV 73 - Penn 5

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Columbia was short of players for the second XV and Brown had an abundance of ruggers that wanted a match. The result was Brown lending several players to the Columbia team and Brown still able to field two teams.

The coaches agreed to a match of “10 man rugby” with two 20 minute halves of play. The game allowed open substitution so keeping track of when players went on and off the field was impossible. However, the match did get played and clearly the Brown team was dominant with freshman fly half Campbell O’Conor leading the scoring with two tries, five first half conversions and two second half conversions for a total of 24 points. 

Sophomore Dylan Brady came on in the second half to score three tries and a conversion for 17 points. 

Sophomore Duncan Grant scored two tries and a conversion for 12 points. Freshmen Jack Kirkpatrick and Elliot Winoker scored their first tries for Brown. Sophomore speedster Soti George also scored a try and freshman Pablo Lavilla followed up a first XV try with one in this match. 

Thanks go to the following Brown players who agreed to play for Columbia in this game: Jamison Wells’20, Vivek Pandit’20, Donilo Jiminez’20, Leonardo Brito’23, and Paul Sobel’23, 

Referee: Jeff Sperling

Brown Squad

Brett Geiss ’23
Elijah Soto ’21
Sam McGoldrick ’20
Julius Abaje ’22
Alex Hammond ’23
Shivram Argwaal ’22
Calum Rossi ’20
Shaan Lalvani ’23
William Zeller ’23
Silas Monje ’ ’21
Alan Green ’21
Damien Wasilewicz ’23
Justin Vandervelden ’21
Campbell O ’Conor ’23
Jack Kirkpatrick ’23
Pablo Lavilla ’23
Duncan Grant ’22
Jack Schaeffer ’22
Dylan Brady ’22
Soti George ’22
Elliot Winoker ’23
Bright Tsagli ’23
Dennis Kinyua ’23