2009 Men's Tournament Details

Hosted by Yale University and Columbia University

Each of the eight Ivy League universities will be in attendance for the 41st annual 2009 Ivy League Rugby Championships. The tournament will be hosted by Yale University on April 25th and Columbia University on 26th, 2009.

Admission to the event is free.

Tournament Location

The 2009 Ivy League Rugby Tournament will be played at two locations.  The games of Saturday, April 25th will be held at Yale University in New Haven, CT.  The games of Sunday April 26th will be held at Columbia University’s Baker Field Athletic Complex in Manhattan, New York City, New York.

Tournament Fee

The tournament fee is $325 per team. The fee covers field rental and preparation, referees, standby EMT, and all administrative costs. Match balls will be provided to each field, an All Ivy Team will be selected.

Alcohol Policy

Per USARUGBY, Metropolitan New York Rugby Union, New England Rugby Football Union, Yale University and Columbia University policy, the 2009 Ivy League Rugby Tournament is an alcohol-free event.  We respectfully request that all teams abide by this policy and make every effort to inform fans and supporters of this requirement.

Tournament Rules

All players must be CIPP eligible and have undergraduate status at their University. Please indicate each player’s CIPP number on the separate roster form.

Medical Policy

All players must have adequate medical insurance to be eligible to compete in the 2009 Ivy League Men’s Tournament.

Game Length

All matches will play 30 minute halves; 5 minute halftime.
Championship match (1st and 2nd place) will be 30 minute halves; 5 minute halftime.

Tournament Director

Each team must check in with the Tournament Director at the Tournament

Director’s table no later than 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, April 25th to confirm registration, roster, payment of the Tournament fee, and to receive field assignments.  Any additional information will be conveyed at that time.

Captain and Referee Meetings

Team Captains and the match referee will meet at assigned field 5 minutes prior to

kickoff for coin toss and instruction. All teams must play in assigned matches; failure to appear within 5 minutes of kick-off will result in disqualification and report to appropriate governing body.Breaker (in case of tie at end of regulation)

  1. Two 5 minute overtime periods
  2. Kick-off starting at 15-out center of the pitch and moved back 5 meters after each kick.


Sin-Bin- Sin bins will be for 5 minute periods based on shortened game schedules
Red-Card- Eliminates player from tournament; player will be reported to appropriate governing bodies for further disciplinary action.

Referee Team

To be coordinated by the New England Referee's Society (Sat) and Rugby Referee’s Society of York (Sun).


Athletic trainers will be on site at Baker Field on Sunday April 26 for tending to on-the-field injuries.  Each team will be responsible for its own trainer(s), should they choose to bring them, for taping and wrapping their players.

2009 Ivy League Tournament Seedings

1 Dartmouth College
2 Harvard University
3 Brown University
4 University of Pennsylvania
5 Princeton University
6 Yale University
7 Columbia University
8 Cornell University

Seedings are based on the 2008 tournament finish.

Men's Results Round-by-Round 

Round 1

10:00am #1 - Dartmouth (1) vs Cornell (8)
10:00am #2 - Penn (4) vs Princeton (5)
11:30am #1 - Brown (3) vs Yale (6)
11:30am #2 - Harvard (2) vs Columbia (7)

Round 2

1:00pm #1 - Loser of (Dartmouth/Cornell) vs Loser of (Penn/Princeton)
1:00pm #2 - Winner of (Dartmouth/Cornell) vs Winner (Penn/Princeton)
2:30pm #1 - Loser of (Brown/Yale) vs Loser of (Harvard/Columbia)
2:30pm #2 - Winner of (Brown/Yale) vs Winner of (Harvard/Columbia)

Round 3

10:00am - 7th Place Match - Cornell vs Brown
11:15am - 5th Place Match - Penn vs Columbia
12:30pm - 3rd Place Match - Yale vs Princeton

The 2009 Ivy Tournament

1:45pm - Championship Match - Harvard vs Dartmouth

Dartmouth Demolishes Opposition in Ivy Championship