2012 Ivy Rugby Contacts

2012 Ivy Rugby Committees and Executive Positions

updated March 15, 2012

Disciplinary Committee

Chairman: Jay Fluck, Brown jay [dot] fluckatcbre-ne [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20League%20Rugby)
Other members:
Referees Director: Jan Pikul, Yalejanpikulathotmail [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20League%20Rugby) ( )
JoJo Bucci, Cornell jojobucciatyahoo [dot] com
Rebecca Gobeille, Columbia, beccagobeilleatgmail [dot] com

Marketing, Sponsorship, and Promotions

Chairman: John Broker, Yale johnjosephbrokerathotmail [dot] com
Other members:
Conor Russomanno, Columbia conor [dot] russomannoatgmail [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%3A%20Conor%20Russomanno%2C%20Columbia)
Richard Lopacki, Princeton RLopackiatits [dot] jnj [dot] com
Nathan Gallow, Yale nlgallowatgmail [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%20Marketing)

Competitions Committee

Chairman: Alex Magleby, Dartmouth amagatdartmouth [dot] edu
Other members:
Richard Lopacki, Princeton RLopackiatits [dot] jnj [dot] com
David LaFlamme, Brown sdlaflammeatcox [dot] net (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%20Conference)
Bryan Hamlin, Harvard University, kiwicoach15atgmail [dot] com ( )

Select Side Committee

Chairman: David Gonzales, Harvard twinlightsdgatverizon [dot] net
Other members:
Jan Pikul, Yale janpikulathotmail [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20League%20Rugby) ( )
Emil Signes, Princeton emilio7atpobox [dot] com

Finance Committee

Other members:
Christopher Losak, Cornell Christopher [dot] Losakatmorganstanley [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%20Finance%20Committee)
Joann A. Brislin, Dartmouth Joann [dot] A [dot] BrislinatDartmouth [dot] EDU (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%20Conference)

Executive Committee

Secretary: Rebecca Gobeille, Columbia, beccagobeilleatgmail [dot] com
Treasurer: Joann A. Brislin, Dartmouth Joann [dot] A [dot] BrislinatDartmouth [dot] EDU (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%20Conference)
Men's Match Secretary: Alex Magleby, Dartmouth amagatdartmouth [dot] edu
Women's Match Secretary:
General Counsel: Andy Margolis, Penn ruggeratmargolisrealty [dot] com
President: Stephen Siano sianoativyrugby [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20League%20Rugby)

2012 Ivy Rugby Directors / Voting Members

updated March 15, 2012

Kerrissa Heffernan, Brown University Women's Director Kerrissa_HeffernanatBrown [dot] edu
Jay Fluck, Brown University Men's Director  jay [dot] fluckatcbre-ne [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20League%20Rugby)
Rebecca Gobeille, Columbia University Women's Director , beccagobeilleatgmail [dot] com
Conor Russomanno, Columbia University Men's Director conor [dot] russomannoatgmail [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%3A%20Conor%20Russomanno%2C%20Columbia)
Allison Baker, Cornell University Women's Director alb278atcornell [dot] edu
JoJo Bucci, Cornell University Men's Director jojobucciatyahoo [dot] com
Deb Archambault, Dartmouth College Women's Director deb [dot] archambaultatdartmouth [dot] edu
Alex Magleby, Dartmouth College Men's Director amagatdartmouth [dot] edu
Bryan Hamlin, Harvard University Women's Director kiwicoach15atgmail [dot] com
David Gonzales, Harvard University Men's Director twinlightsdgatverizon [dot] net
Emily Record, University of Pennsylvania Women's Director erecordatgmail [dot] com
Andy Margolis, University of Pennsylvania Men's Director ruggeratmargolisrealty [dot] com
Emil Signes, Princeton University Women's Director emilio7atpobox [dot] com
Richard Lopacki, Princeton University Men's Director RLopackiatits [dot] jnj [dot] com
Nathan Gallow, Yale University Women's Director nlgallowatgmail [dot] com
Jan Pikul, Yale University Men's Director janpikulathotmail [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20League%20Rugby) ( )

2012 Ivy Rugby Coaches

updated September 18, 2012

Ivy Rugby Women's Head Coaches

Kerrissa Heffernan, Brown University, Kerrissa_HeffernanatBrown [dot] edu
Jodie van Ogtrop, Columbia University, jvanogtropatgmail [dot] com (subject: Columbia%20Women%20Head%20Coach%2C%20Ivy%20Rugby)
Eloise Cucui, Cornell University, evc27atcornell [dot] edu
Daisy Chinburg, Cornell University, dmc296atcornell [dot] edu
Deb Archambault, Dartmouth College, deb [dot] archambaultatdartmouth [dot] edu
Bryan Hamlin, Harvard University, kiwicoach15atgmail [dot] com ( )
Emily Record, University of Pennsylvania,  erecordatgmail [dot] com
Emil Signes, Princeton University, emilio7atpobox [dot] com
Nathan Gallow, Yale University, nlgallowatgmail [dot] com

Ivy Rugby Men's Head Coaches

David LaFlamme, Brown University, sdlaflammeatcox [dot] net (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%20Conference)
Daniel Kennedy, Columbia University, dk2722atcolumbia [dot] edu
Ron Schassburger, Cornell University, rmschassatgmail [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%20Conference)
Alex Magleby, Dartmouth College, amagatdartmouth [dot] edu
David Gonzales, Harvard University, twinlightsdgatverizon [dot] net
Richard Lopack, Princeton University, RLopackiatits [dot] jnj [dot] com
Omar Foda, University of Pennsylvania, ofodaatsas [dot] upenn [dot] edu (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%2FPenn%20Men's%20Coach)
Jan Pikul, Yale University, janpikulathotmail [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20League%20Rugby) ( )

2012 Ivy Rugby Team Contacts

Brown University Women

Ivy Director: Kerrissa Heffernan, Kerrissa_HeffernanatBrown [dot] edu
Head Coach: Kerrissa Heffernan
Director of Communication: Lorin Smith, lorin [dot] smithatbrown [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Elena Suglia, elenasugliaatyahoo [dot] com>">elenasugliaatyahoo [dot] com

Brown University Men

Ivy Director: Jay Fluck, jay [dot] fluckatcbre-ne [dot] com
Head Coach: David LaFlamme, sdlaflammeatcox [dot] net (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%20Conference)
Director of Communication:
Match Secretary:

Columbia University Women

Ivy Director: Rebecca Gobelle, beccagobeilleatgmail [dot] com
Head Coach: Jodie Van Ogtrop jvanogtropatgmail [dot] com
Director of Communication: Alexandra Qiuyi Pan, aqp2000atcolumbia [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Kira Ullman, khu2002atcolumbia [dot] edu

Columbia University Men

Ivy Director: Conor Russomanno, conor [dot] russomannoatgmail [dot] com
Head Coach: Daniel Kennedy, dk2722atcolumbia [dot] edu
Director of Communication (PR and Recruitment): Justin D'Agostino, dag [dot] justinatgmail [dot] com
Match Secretary: Gabriel Pestre, gpestreatgmail [dot] com
President: Danny Martinez, dam2189atcolumbia [dot] edu
Treasurer: Felix Schadeck, felix [dot] schadeckatgmail [dot] com
Social Chair: Will Haining, awh2120atcolumbia [dot] edu

Cornell University Women

Ivy Director: Allison Baker, alb278atcornell [dot] edu
Head Coach: Daisy Chinburg, dmc296atcornell [dot] edu
Coach: Eloise Cucui, evc27atcornell [dot] edu
Director of Communication:
Match Secretary: Lee Fleisher, lee4768romatgmail [dot] com

Cornell University Men

Ivy Director: JoJo Bucci, jojobucciatyahoo [dot] com
Head Coach: Ron Schassburger, rmschassatgmail [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%20Conference)
Director of Communication: Russell Browning, reb262atcornell [dot] edu>">reb262atcornell [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Ryan Cleary, rfc63atcornell [dot] edu (rfc63)ajd228atcornell [dot] edu (@cornell.edu)

Dartmouth College Women

Ivy Director: Deb Archambault, deb [dot] archambaultatdartmouth [dot] edu
Head Coach: Deb Archambault
Director of Communication: Pallavi S. Kuppa-Apte, Pallavi [dot] S [dot] Kuppa-Apte [dot] 14atdartmouth [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Allison R. Brouckman, Allison [dot] R [dot] Brouckman [dot] 15atdartmouth [dot] edu>">Allison [dot] R [dot] Brouckman [dot] 15atdartmouth [dot] edu

Dartmouth College Men

Ivy Director: Alex Magleby, amagatdartmouth [dot] edu
Head Coach: Alex Magleby
Director of Communication: Matthew S. Robinson, Matthew [dot] S [dot] Robinson [dot] 13atdartmouth [dot] edu>">Matthew [dot] S [dot] Robinson [dot] 13atdartmouth [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Edward W. Kingsley, Edward [dot] W [dot] Kingsley [dot] 14atdartmouth [dot] edu>">Edward [dot] W [dot] Kingsley [dot] 14atdartmouth [dot] edu

Harvard University Women

Ivy Director: Bryan Hamlin, kiwicoach15atgmail [dot] com ( )
Head Coach: Bryan Hamlin
Director of Communication:
Match Secretary:

Harvard University Men

Ivy Director: David Gonzales, twinlightsdgatverizon [dot] net
Head Coach: David Gonzales
Director of Communication:
Match Secretary: Michael Abatemarco, abatemarcomikeatgmail [dot] com>">abatemarcomikeatgmail [dot] com

University of Pennsylvania Women

Ivy Director: Emily Record, erecordatgmail [dot] com
Head Coach: Emily Record
Director of Communication:
Match Secretary: Rebecca Williams, becky [dot] rlwatgmail [dot] com

University of Pennsylvania Men

Ivy Director: Andy Margolis, ruggeratmargolisrealty [dot] com
Head Coach: Omar Foda, ofodaatsas [dot] upenn [dot] edu (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%2FPenn%20Men's%20Coach)
Director of Communication: Nabil Darwich, ndarwichatsas [dot] upenn [dot] edu
Match Secretary:

Princeton Women

Ivy Director: Emil Signes, emilio7atpobox [dot] com
Head Coach: Emil Signes
Director of Communication: Abby Badura, gbaduraatprinceton [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Dorothy Mittow, dmittowatprinceton [dot] edu>">dmittowatprinceton [dot] edu

Princeton Men

Ivy Director: Richard Lopacki, RLopackiatits [dot] jnj [dot] com
Head Coach: Richard Lopacki
Director of Communication:
Match Secretary: William Hicks, wchicksatprinceton [dot] edu

Yale Women

Ivy Director: Nathan Gallow, nlgallowatgmail [dot] com
Head Coach: Nathan Gallow
Director of Communication: Emma Brown, emma [dot] brownatyale [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Claire Kelley, claire [dot] kelleyatyale [dot] edu

Yale Men

Ivy Director: Jan Pikul, janpikulathotmail [dot] com
Head Coach: Jan Pikul
Director of Communication:
Match Secretary