2016 Ivy Rugby Contacts

updated Feb 9, 2016

2016 Competitions Committee

Men's Competitions Committee:
Chair: Greg McWilliams, Yale greg [dot] mcwilliamsatyale [dot] edu
Richard Lopacki, Princeton (Men) purfc1atgmail [dot] com
David LaFlamme, Brown david_laflammeatbrown [dot] edu
Dan Kennedy, Columbia dk2722atcolumbia [dot] edu
Alex Magleby, Dartmouth amagatdartmouth [dot] edu
Matthew Byrne, Cornell mmb295atcornell [dot] edu

Women's Competitions Committee:
Chair: Sue Parker, Harvard University suzanneparkeratfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Kathy Flores, Brown University, kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu
Chris Ryan, Princeton University chrisatryanmasonry [dot] com
Lucy Oswald, Columbia University, lucia [dot] oswaldatgmail [dot] com
Katie Dowty, Dartmouth College katie [dot] dowtyatgmail [dot] com
Jade M. Algarin, Cornell jma346atcornell [dot] edu
Craig Wilson, Yale craig [dot] r [dot] wilsonatyale [dot] edu

The Competition's Committee shall operate as two sub-committees (Men and Women) and shall coordinate internally as necessary and desirable.


Other Committees

​2016 Disciplinary Committee

Chair: Jay Fluck, Brown jay [dot] fluckatcbre-ne [dot] com
JoJo Bucci, Cornell jojobucciatyahoo [dot] com
Jan Pikul, Yale University,  janpikulathotmail [dot] com
Kathy Flores, Brown University, kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu
Chris Ryan, Princeton University chrisatryanmasonry [dot] com
Matthew Byrne, Cornell mmb295atcornell [dot] edu
Craig Wilson, Yale craig [dot] r [dot] wilsonatyale [dot] edu

Disciplinary Committee Mission

The Committee is charged with the task of adjudicating disputes between teams or referee decisions rendered during Ivy Conference Rugby matches that could cause a player, players or a team that has been charged with a violation of the Laws or the spirit of Rugby Football to lose its right to compete. Committee decisions will be dealt with in a timely manner after a fair review of all of the relevant facts while avoiding conflicts of interest.

2016 Marketing, Sponsorship, and Promotions

Chair: Richard Lopacki, Princeton University purfc1atgmail [dot] com
Greg McWilliams, Yale University  greg [dot] mcwilliamsatyale [dot] edu
Katie Dowty, Dartmouth kathryn [dot] b [dot] dowtyatdartmouth [dot] edu
Tiffany Faaee, Columbia tfaaee46atgmail [dot] com

From the 2013 AGM: The MSP Committee shall develop a mission statement for the MSP Committee and present it to the Board for the Board's approval. Such mission statement shall outline a marketing and promotions plan for IRC.

2016 Select Side Committee

Men's Committee:
Chair: M.C Laubscher, Princeton University mclaubscheratgmail [dot] com
David LaFlamme, Brown david_laflammeatbrown [dot] edu

Women's Committee:
Chair: Chris Ryan, Princeton chrisatryanmasonry [dot] com 
Kathy Flores, Brown kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu

From the 2013 AGM: The Select Side Committee shall operate as two sub-committees (Men and Women) and shall coordinate internally as necessary and desirable. Additionally, the Select Side Committee shall investigate opportunities for putting together a select side to compete against similar teams. Select Side Committee shall select players to join the Select Side regardless of whether such games are played.

2016 Finance Committee

Chairman/Treasurer: Joann A. Brislin, Dartmouth Joann [dot] A [dot] Brislinatdartmouth [dot] edu
Bob Far, Brown University, rafaratsprynet [dot] com

2016 Sports Medicine Task Force

Chair: Ben Shuler, Dartmouth Athletic Trainer Benjamin [dot] Schuleratdartmouth [dot] edu
Eric Wamsley Columbia Athletic Trainer ew2492atcumc [dot] columbia [dot] edu
Kelly Teixera, Brown Men Rugby Athletic Trainer Kellyatfoundrysportsmedicine [dot] com
David LaFlamme, Brown david_laflammeatbrown [dot] edu

This group shall be tasked to provide information to the Ivy Rugby Conference periodically.

2016 Executive Committee

President: Stephen Siano, Cornell University sianoativyrugby [dot] com
Secretary: Milli Luciano, Cornell  University luciano [dot] ameliaatgmail [dot] com
Match Secretary MenRichard Lopacki, Princeton University purfc1atgmail [dot] com
Match Secretary WomenSue Parker, Harvard University suzanneparkeratfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
General Counsel: Andy Margolis, Penn andyatmargolisrealty [dot] com

Updated Jun 24, 2016

Ivy Rugby Directors / Voting Members

Kathy Flores, Brown University Women's Director, kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu
Jay Fluck, Brown University Men's Director,  jay [dot] fluckatcbre-ne [dot] com
Kendell Smith, Columbia University Women's Director, krs2157atcolumbia [dot] edu
Daniel Kennedy, Columbia University Men's Director, dk2722atcolumbia [dot] edu
Milli Luciano, Cornell University Women's Director, luciano [dot] ameliaatgmail [dot] com
David Burke, Cornell University Men's Director, david [dot] burkeatcornell [dot] edu
Katie Dowty, Dartmouth College, katie [dot] dowtyatgmail [dot] com
Alex Magleby, Dartmouth College Men's Director, amagatdartmouth [dot] edu
Suzanne Parker, Harvard University Women's Director, suzanneparkeratfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Michael G Diamantopoulos, Harvard University Men's Director, mdiamantopoulosatfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Miranda Van Dijk, University of Pennsylvania Women's Director, mcvdatoptonline [dot] net
Andy Margolis, University of Pennsylvania Men's Director, andyatmargolisrealty [dot] com
Chris Ryan, Princeton University Women's Director, chrisatryanmasonry [dot] com
Richard Lopacki, Princeton University Men's Director, purfc1atgmail [dot] com
Craig Wilson, Yale University Women's Director, craig [dot] r [dot] wilsonatyale [dot] edu
Greg McWilliams, Yale University Men's Director,  greg [dot] mcwilliamsatyale [dot] edu

updated Jun 24, 2016

Ivy Rugby Women's Head Coaches

Kathy Flores, Brown University, kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu
Lucy Oswald, Columbia University, lucia [dot] oswaldatgmail [dot] com
Meatoe Marearai, Cornell University, maitoeataol [dot] com
Katie Dowty, Dartmouth College, Kathryn [dot] B [dot] Dowtyatdartmouth [dot] edu
Suzanne Parker, Harvard University, suzanneparkeratfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Marcus Gordon-Lewis, University of Pennsylvania, marcusgordon1214atgmail [dot] com
Chris Ryan, Princeton University, chrisatryanmasonry [dot] com
Craig Wilson, Yale University, craig [dot] r [dot] wilsonatyale [dot] edu

Ivy Rugby Men's Head Coaches

David Laflamme, Brown University, david_laflammeatbrown [dot] edu
Daniel Kennedy, Columbia University, dk2722atcolumbia [dot] edu
David Burke, Cornell University, dcb282atcornell [dot] edu
Gavin Hickie, Dartmouth College, Gavin [dot] Hickieatdartmouth [dot] edu
Michael G Diamantopoulos, Harvard University. mdiamantopoulosatfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Richard Lopacki, Princeton University, purfc1atgmail [dot] com
Nick Clapinson, University of Pennsylvani, nicholas [dot] clapinsonatgmail [dot] com
Greg McWilliams, Yale University,  greg [dot] mcwilliamsatyale [dot] edu

Updated Oct 10, 2016

2016 Brown University Women

Ivy Director: Kathy Flores, kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu
Head Coach: Kathy Flores, kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu
Asst. Coach, Kerri Heffernan, kerrissa_heffernanatbrown [dot] edu
Asst. Coach, Michele Armstrong, michele_armstrongatbrown [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Oksana Goretaya, oksana_goretayaatbrown [dot] edu
Social Media Chair: Cassandra Sutten Coats, cassandra [dot] sutten [dot] coatsatbrown [dot] edu
Director of Communication: kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu

2016 Brown University Men

Ivy Director: Jay Fluck, jay [dot] fluckatcbre-ne [dot] com
Head Coach: David Laflamme, david_laflammeatbrown [dot] edu
Asst. Coach: Oliver Julyan, oliverjulyanatgmail [dot] com
Match Secretary: Mitch Sibley, Mitchell_Sibleyatbrown [dot] edu
Team Communications: Davis Hartnett, Davis_Hartnettatbrown [dot] edu 
Captain: Joe Paolino, Joseph_Paolinoatbrown [dot] edu
President:  Peter McHugh, Peter_Mchughatbrown [dot] edu
Director of Communication: Jay Fluck, jay [dot] fluckatcbre-ne [dot] com

2016 Columbia University Women

Ivy Director: Kendall Smith, krs2157atcolumbia [dot] edu
Head Coach: Lucy Oswald, lucia [dot] oswaldatgmail [dot] com
Assistant Coach: Tiffany Faaee, tfaaee46atgmail [dot] com
Vice President: Cara Hoffman, cah2212@barnard,edu 
Match Secretary: Sierra Watkins, SFW2109atbarnard [dot] edu
Director of Communication: Naomi Butzer, NBH2113atbarnard [dot] edu

2016 Columbia University Men

Ivy Director: Daniel Kennedy, dk2722atcolumbia [dot] edu
Head Coach: Daniel Kennedy, dk2722atcolumbia [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Jadrian Guy, JCG2190atcolumbia [dot] edu
President: Matt Tremblay, Met2176atcolumbia [dot] edu
Treasurer: Pierre Anquetil, PEA2112atcolumbia [dot] edu
Social/Philanthropy Chair: Hudson Kuras, hk2775atcolumbia [dot] edu 
Recruiting/PR Chair: Brendan Gaines, BWG2110atcolumbia [dot] edu

2016 Cornell University Women

Ivy Director: Milli Luciano, luciano [dot] ameliaatgmail [dot] com
Coach: Cookie Marearai, maitoeataol [dot] com
Match Secretary: Meagan Davis, mod6atcornell [dot] edu
Director of Communication: Meagan Davis, mod6atcornell [dot] edu

2016 Cornell University Men

Ivy Director: David Burke, Cornell University Men's Director, david [dot] burkeatcornell [dot] edu
President: Ryo Inkyo, ri47atcornell [dot] edu
Head Coach: David Burke, david [dot] burkeatcornell [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Dan Capelin, djc422atcornell [dot] edu
Director of Communication: Andrew Salamida, ras629atcornell [dot] edu
Director of Recruiting/PR: Andrew Salamida, ras629atcornell [dot] edu

2016 Dartmouth College Women

Ivy Director: Katie Dowty, Dartmouth College, Kathryn [dot] B [dot] Dowtyatdartmouth [dot] edu
Head Coach: Katie Dowty, Dartmouth College, Kathryn [dot] B [dot] Dowtyatdartmouth [dot] edu

2016 Dartmouth College Men

Ivy Director: Alex Magleby, amagatdartmouth [dot] edu
Head Coach: Gavin Hickie, Gavin [dot] Hickieatdartmouth [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Andy Werchniak, Andrew [dot] M [dot] Werchniak [dot] 18atdartmouth [dot] edu
Communication: Andy Werchniak, Andrew [dot] M [dot] Werchniak [dot] 18atdartmouth [dot] edu

2015 Harvard University Women

Ivy Director: Suzanne Parker, suzanneparkeratfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Head Coach: Suzanne Parker, suzanneparkeratfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Assistant Coach: Sue Whitwell, susanwhitwellatfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Suzanne Parker, suzanneparkeratfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Athletic Communications Intern: Meg Kelly, dha_oacatfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Director of Communication: Suzanne Parker, suzanneparkeratfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu

2016 Harvard University Men

Ivy Director: Michael G Diamantopoulos, mdiamantopoulosatfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Head Coach: Michael G Diamantopoulos, mdiamantopoulosatfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
President: Dave Matthews, david [dot] daveman06atgmail [dot] com
Match Secretary: Charles Webb, cgwebb [dot] 12atgmail [dot] com
General Secretary: Daniel Letchford, daniel [dot] letchfordatgmail [dot] com
Communication: Michael G Diamantopoulos, mdiamantopoulosatfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu

2016 University of Pennsylvania Women

Head Coach: Marcus Gordon-Lewis, marcusgordon1214atgmail [dot] com
Ivy Director: OPEN
Co-President: Emily Molloy, upennwrfcatgmail [dot] com
Co-President: Miranda van Dijk, mcvdatoptonline [dot] net
Match Secretary: OPEN
Communication: Marcus Gordon-Lewis, marcusgordon1214atgmail [dot] com

2016 University of Pennsylvania Men

Ivy Director: Andy Margolis, administrationatmargolisrealty [dot] com
Head Coach: Nick Clapinson, nicholas [dot] clapinsonatgmail [dot] com
President: David Harris, davharatsas [dot] upenn [dot] edu
Vice-President: Matthew Dong, md [dot] mattdongatgmail [dot] com
Match Secretary: Cullen O'Boyle, cuoboyleatsas [dot] upenn [dot] edu
Director of Communications: Taylor Martinez, taymaratwharton [dot] upenn [dot] edu

2016 Princeton Women

Ivy Director: Chris Ryan, chrisatryanmasonry [dot] com
Head Coach: Chris Ryan, chrisatryanmasonry [dot] com
President: Gabe Armstrong Scott, gla2atprinceton [dot] edu
Vice President: Jessica Lu, jl34atprinceton [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Alexandra Eakes, aeakesatprinceton [dot] edu
Website Officer: Helen Zhang, helenzatprinceton [dot] edu
Web: princetonrugby.com

2016 Princeton Men

Ivy Director: Richard Lopacki, purfc1atgmail [dot] com
Head Coach: Richard Lopacki, purfc1atgmail [dot] com
Match Secretary: Rye Anderson, ryeaatprinceton [dot] edu
Director of Communication: Josh Tam, jt10atprinceton [dot] edu
Web: princetonrugby.com

2016 Yale Women

Ivy Director: Craig Wilson, craig [dot] r [dot] wilsonatyale [dot] edu
Head Coach: Craig Wilson, craig [dot] r [dot] wilsonatyale [dot] edu
Captain: Natalie Wyatt, natalie [dot] wyattatyale [dot] edu
Junior Captain: Lily Wu, lilium [dot] wuatyale [dot] edu
Director of Communication: Craig Wilson, craig [dot] r [dot] wilsonatyale [dot] edu

2016 Yale Men

Ivy Director: Greg McWilliams, greg [dot] mcwilliamsatyale [dot] edu
Head Coach: Greg McWilliams, greg [dot] mcwilliamsatyale [dot] edu
Captain: Nicota Stevenson, nicota [dot] stevensonatyale [dot] edu
President: Nick Silva, nicholas [dot] silvaatyale [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Bryan Herbert, bryan [dot] herbertatyale [dot] edu
Director of Communication: Greg McWilliams, greg [dot] mcwilliamsatyale [dot] edu