2014 Ivy Rugby Contacts

2014 Ivy Rugby Committees and Executive Positions

updated May 12, 2014

Disciplinary Committee

Chairman: Jay Fluck, Brown jay [dot] fluckatcbre-ne [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20League%20Rugby)
Referees Director: Jan Pikul, Yalejanpikulathotmail [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20League%20Rugby) ( )
Other members:
JoJo Bucci, Cornell jojobucciatyahoo [dot] com
Catherine Forbes, Cornell Cmf229atcornell [dot] edu

Disciplinary Committee Mission

The Committee is charged with the task of adjudicating disputes between teams or referee decisions rendered during Ivy Conference Rugby matches that could cause a player, players or a team that has been charged with a violation of the Laws or the spirit of Rugby Football to lose its right to compete. Committee decisions will be dealt with in a timely manner after a fair review of all of the relevant facts while avoiding conflicts of interest.

Marketing, Sponsorship, and Promotions

Chairman: Nathan Gallow, Yale nlgallowatgmail [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%20Marketing)
Other members:
Richard Lopacki, Princeton RLopackiatits [dot] jnj [dot] com
Shannon Walsh, Cornell Skw53atcornell [dot] edu

From the 2013 AGM: The MSP Committee shall develop a mission statement for the MSP Committee and present it to the Board for the Board's approval. Such mission statement shall outline a marketing and promotions plan for IRC.

Competitions Committee

Men's Committee:
Chair: Richard Lopacki, Princeton (Men) RLopackiatits [dot] jnj [dot] com
David LaFlamme, Brown sdlaflammeatcox [dot] net (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%20Conference)
Dan Kennedy, Columbia dk2722atcolumbia [dot] edu
Alex Magleby, Dartmouth amagatdartmouth [dot] edu
Women's Committee:
Chair: Kathy Flores, Brown University, kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu
Sue Parker, Harvard suzanneparkeratfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Chris Ryan, Princeton  chrisatryanmasonry [dot] com
Debra Archambault Deb [dot] archambaultatdartmouth [dot] edu

From the 2013 AGM: The Competition's Committee shall operate as two sub-committees (Men and Women) and shall coordinate internally as necessary and desirable.

Select Side Committee

Men's Committee:
Gavin Hickie, Dartmouth  Gavin [dot] Hickieatdartmouth [dot] edu
Omar Foda, Penn Ofodaatsas [dot] upenn [dot] edu
Rick Baker, Princeton rbakeratprinceton [dot] edu
Women's Committee:
Bryan Hamlin, Harvard Kiwicoach15atgmail [dot] com
Jodie Van Ogtrop, Columbia jvanogtropatgmail [dot] com
Debra Archambault, Dartmouth Deb [dot] archambaultatdartmouth [dot] edu

From the 2013 AGM: The Select Side Committee shall operate as two sub-committees (Men and Women) and shall coordinate internally as necessary and desirable. Additionally, the Select Side Committee shall investigate opportunities for putting together a select side to compete against similar teams. Select Side Committee shall select players to join the Select Side regardless of whether such games are played.

Finance Committee

Treasurer: Joann A. Brislin, Dartmouth Joann [dot] A [dot] BrislinatDartmouth [dot] EDU (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%20Conference)

Safety Committee

From the 2013 AGM: A Safety Committee shall be established following the procurement of insurance. The Board of Directors shall by simple majority select individuals to serve on the Safety Committee, and such individuals need not be Directors.The Safety Committee shall prepare and present to the Board, for the Board's approval,a mission statement for the Safety Committee, detailing its duties and powers.


General Counsel: Andy Margolis, Penn ruggeratmargolisrealty [dot] com
501c3: Jim Saksa, james [dot] f [dot] saksaatgmail [dot] com

Executive Committee

President: Stephen Siano sianoativyrugby [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20League%20Rugby)
Secretary: JoJo Bucci, Cornell, beccagobeilleatgmail [dot] com
General Counsel: Andy Margolis, Penn ruggeratmargolisrealty [dot] com

2014 Ivy Rugby Directors / Voting Members

updated May 12, 2014

Kathy Flores, Brown University Women's Director kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu
Jay Fluck, Brown University Men's Director  jay [dot] fluckatcbre-ne [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20League%20Rugby)
Jodie Van Ogtrop, Columbia University Women's Director, jvanogtropatgmail [dot] com
Daniel Kennedy, Columbia University Men's Director dk2722atcolumbia [dot] edu
Milli Luciano, Cornell University Women's Director luciano [dot] ameliaatgmail [dot] com
JoJo Bucci, Cornell University Men's Director jojobucciatyahoo [dot] com
Deb Archambault, Dartmouth College Women's Director deb [dot] archambaultatdartmouth [dot] edu
Alex Magleby, Dartmouth College Men's Director amagatdartmouth [dot] edu
Suzanne Parker, Harvard University Women's Director suzanneparkeratfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
David Gonzales, Harvard University Men's Director twinlightsdgatverizon [dot] net
Emily Record, University of Pennsylvania Women's Director erecordatgmail [dot] com
Andy Margolis, University of Pennsylvania Men's Director ruggeratmargolisrealty [dot] com
Chris Ryan, Princeton University Women's Director chrisatryanmasonry [dot] com
Richard Lopacki, Princeton University Men's Director RLopackiatits [dot] jnj [dot] com
Nathan Gallow, Yale University Women's Director nlgallowatgmail [dot] com
Jan Pikul, Yale University Men's Director janpikulathotmail [dot] com (subject: Ivy%20League%20Rugby) ( )

updated May 12, 2014

Ivy Rugby Women's Head Coaches

Kathy Flores, Brown University, kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu
Jodie van Ogtrop, Columbia University, jvanogtropatgmail [dot] com
Eloise Cucui, Cornell University, evc27atcornell [dot] edu
Lee Fleisher, Cornell University, laf79atcornell [dot] edu
Deb Archambault, Dartmouth College, deb [dot] archambaultatdartmouth [dot] edu
Suzanne Parker, Harvard University, suzanneparkeratfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Emily Record, University of Pennsylvania,  erecordatgmail [dot] com
Chris Ryan, Princeton University, chrisatryanmasonry [dot] com
Nathan Gallow, Yale University, nlgallowatgmail [dot] com

Ivy Rugby Men's Head Coaches

David LaFlamme, Brown University, sdlaflammeatcox [dot] net
Daniel Kennedy, Columbia University, dk2722atcolumbia [dot] edu
Paule Barford, Cornell University, paulebarfordatcornellrugby [dot] com
Gavin Hickie, Dartmouth College, Gavin [dot] Hickieatdartmouth [dot] edu
David Gonzales, Harvard University, twinlightsdgatverizon [dot] net
Richard Lopack, Princeton University, RLopackiatits [dot] jnj [dot] com
Omar Foda, University of Pennsylvania, ofodaatsas [dot] upenn [dot] edu
Greg McWilliams, Yale University,  gregmcwatgmail [dot] com

Brown University Women

Ivy Director: Kathy Flores, kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu
Head Coach: Kathy Flores, kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu
Director of Communication: kathleen_floresatbrown [dot] edu
Asst. Coach, Kerri Heffernan, kerrissa_heffernanatbrown [dot] edu
Asst. Coach, Michele Armstrong, michele_armstrongatbrown [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Elena Suglia, elenasugliaatbrown [dot] edu
Social Media Chair: Ebony McCaskill, ebony_mccaskillatbrown [dot] edu

Brown University Men

Ivy Director: Jay Fluck, jay [dot] fluckatcbre-ne [dot] com
Head Coach: David LaFlamme, sdlaflammeatcox [dot] net (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%20Conference)
Director of Communication: Jay Fluck, jay [dot] fluckatcbre-ne [dot] com
Match Secretary: Alex Krotow, Alexander_Krotowatbrown [dot] edu
Team Communications: Jake Rosenthal, Jacob_Rosenthalatbrown [dot] edu 
Captain: Chris Latham, Christopher_Lathamatbrown [dot] edu
President:  Kavin Nunez, Kavin_Nunezatbrown [dot] edu

Columbia University Women

Ivy Director: Jodie Van Ogtrop jvanogtropatgmail [dot] com
Head Coach: Jodie Van Ogtrop jvanogtropatgmail [dot] com
Director of Communication: Alexandra Qiuyi Pan, aqp2000atcolumbia [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Kira Ullman, khu2002atcolumbia [dot] edu

Columbia University Men

Ivy Director: Daniel Kennedy, conor [dot] russomannoatgmail [dot] com
Head Coach: Daniel Kennedy, dk2722atcolumbia [dot] edu
Assistant Coach: Zack Lane, zl2114atcolumbia [dot] edu
Director of Communication (PR and Recruitment): Justin D'Agostino, dag [dot] justinatgmail [dot] com
Match Secretary: Gabriel Pestre, gpestreatgmail [dot] com
President: Danny Martinez, dam2189atcolumbia [dot] edu
Treasurer: Felix Schadeck, felix [dot] schadeckatgmail [dot] com
Social Chair: Will Haining, awh2120atcolumbia [dot] edu

Cornell University Women

Ivy Director: Milli Luciano, luciano [dot] ameliaatgmail [dot] com
Coach: Shannon Walsh, skw53atcornell [dot] edu
Coach: Lee Fleisher, laf79atcornell [dot] edu
Director of Communication: Shannon Walsh, skw53atcornell [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Lee Fleisher, lee4768romatgmail [dot] com

Cornell University Men

Ivy Director: JoJo Bucci, jojobucciatyahoo [dot] com
Head Coach: Paule Barford, paulebarfordatcornellrugby [dot] com
Director of Communication: Andrew Salamida, ras629atcornell [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Leopoldo Pena, ldp49atcornell [dot] edu
President: Matthew Byrne, mmb295atcornell [dot] edu

Dartmouth College Women

Ivy Director: Deb Archambault, deb [dot] archambaultatdartmouth [dot] edu
Head Coach: Deb Archambault, deb [dot] archambaultatdartmouth [dot] edu
President: Michaela Conway, Michaela [dot] K [dot] Conway [dot] 15atdartmouth [dot] edu
Director of Communication: Leandra Barrett, Leandra [dot] P [dot] Barrett [dot] 15atdartmouth [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Yejadai Dunn, Yejadai [dot] M [dot] Dunn [dot] 16atdartmouth [dot] edu

Dartmouth College Men

Ivy Director: Alex Magleby, amagatdartmouth [dot] edu
Head Coach: Gavin Hickie, Gavin [dot] Hickieatdartmouth [dot] edu
Director of Communication/General Secretary: Brendan Cronin, brendan [dot] j [dot] cronin [dot] 15atdartmouth [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Erik Warnquist, erik [dot] p [dot] warnquist [dot] 16atdartmouth [dot] edu

Harvard University Women

Ivy Director: Suzanne Parker, suzanneparkeratfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Head Coach: Suzanne Parker, suzanneparkeratfas [dot] harvard [dot] edu
Director of Communication: ______________________
Match Secretary: __________________________

Harvard University Men

Ivy Director: David Gonzales, twinlightsdgatverizon [dot] net
Head Coach: David Gonzales, twinlightsdgatverizon [dot] net
President: Cody Kiechle cmkiechleatgmail [dot] com
Director of Communication / General Secretary:
   Michael Abatemarco, abatemarcomikeatgmail [dot] com
Match Secretary: Zach Berger, zbergeratcollege [dot] harvard [dot] edu

University of Pennsylvania Women

Ivy Director/Head Coach: Emily Record, erecordatgmail [dot] com
Co-President: Becky Williams, becky [dot] rlwatgmail [dot] com
Co-President: Lucy Dawson, lucydawson13atgmail [dot] com
Director of Communication: Ariana Bray, arianabatsas [dot] upenn [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Lucy Dawson, lucydawson13atgmail [dot] com

University of Pennsylvania Men

Ivy Director: Andy Margolis, ruggeratmargolisrealty [dot] com
Head Coach: Omar Foda, ofodaatsas [dot] upenn [dot] edu (subject: Ivy%20Rugby%2FPenn%20Men's%20Coach)
Director of Communication: Christian Collins, christian [dot] collins11atgmail [dot] com
Match Secretary: Billy Barron, barronb10atgmail [dot] com
Alumni President: Jim Saksa, JamesSaksaatalumni [dot] upenn [dot] edu

Princeton Women

Ivy Director: Chris Ryan, chrisatryanmasonry [dot] com
Head Coach: Chris Ryan, chrisatryanmasonry [dot] com
Director of Communication: Emilie L. Burke, elburkeatprinceton [dot] edu  
President: Emilie L. Burke, elburkeatprinceton [dot] edu  
Match Secretary: Alexandra Eakes, aeakesatprinceton [dot] edu

Princeton Men

Ivy Director: Richard Lopacki, RLopackiatits [dot] jnj [dot] com
Head Coach: Richard Lopacki, RLopackiatits [dot] jnj [dot] com
Director of Communication: Alex Dominguez, ad7atprinceton [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Zack Wall, zwallatprinceton [dot] edu

Yale Women

Ivy Director: Nathan Gallow, nlgallowatgmail [dot] com
Head Coach: Nathan Gallow, nlgallowatgmail [dot] com
Director of Communication: Yetunde Meroe, yetunde [dot] meroeatyale [dot] edu
Match Secretary: Laura Goetz, laura [dot] goetzatyale [dot] edu

Yale Men

Ivy Director: Jan Pikul,  janpikulathotmail [dot] com
Head Coach: Greg McWilliams, gregmcwatgmail [dot] com
Director of Communication: __________________________
Match Secretary: John Donovan, john [dot] l [dot] donovanatyale [dot] edu 

Updated September 17, 2014.