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Stephen Siano


updated August 20, 2017

2017 Executive Committee

President: Stephen Siano, Cornell University,
Secretary: Milli Luciano, Cornell University
Match Secretary Men: Harvard University Men's Director,
Match Secretary Women: Katie Dowty, Dartmouth College,
General Counsel: Andy Margolis, Penn,

2017 Ivy Rugby Directors / Voting Members

Kathy Flores, Brown University Women's Director,
Jay Fluck, Brown University Men's Director,
Ellis Breunig, Columbia University Women's Director,
Daniel Kennedy, Columbia University Men's Director,
Milli Luciano, Cornell University Women's Director,
David Burke, Cornell University Men's Director,
Katie Dowty, Dartmouth College,
Alex Magleby, Dartmouth College Men's Director,
Melanie Denham, Harvard University Women's Director,
Michael G Diamantopoulos, Harvard University Men's Director,
Miranda Van Dijk, University of Pennsylvania Women's Director,
Andy Margolis, University of Pennsylvania Men's Director,
Chris Ryan, Princeton University Women's Director,
Richard Lopacki, Princeton University Men's Director,
Craig Wilson, Yale University Women's Director,
Greg McWilliams, Yale University Men's Director,

2017 Ivy Rugby Women's Head Coaches

Kathy Flores, Brown University,
Lucy Oswald, Columbia University,
Meatoe Marearai, Cornell University,
Katie Dowty, Dartmouth College,
Melanie Denham, Harvard University,
Marcus Gordon-Lewis, University of Pennsylvania,
Chris Ryan, Princeton University,
Craig Wilson, Yale University,

2017 Ivy Rugby Men's Head Coaches

David Laflamme, Brown University,
Daniel Kennedy, Columbia University,
David Burke, Cornell University,
James Willocks, Dartmouth College,
Michael G Diamantopoulos, Harvard University.
Richard Lopacki, Princeton University,
Nick Clapinson, University of Pennsylvani,
Greg McWilliams, Yale University,

2017 Competitions Committee

Women's Competitions Committee

Chair: Katie Dowty, Dartmouth College
Craig Wilson, Sue Parker, Kathy Flores, Chris Ryan, Margaret Lorenc, Justina Devruzzi , Maddie McGovern

Men's Competitions Committee

Chair: Michael G Diamantopoulos, Harvard,
Greg McWilliams, Yale
Alex Magleby, Dartmouth 
Dan Kennedy, Columbia
David Burke, Cornell
Richard Lopacki, Princeton
Matt Caltabiano, Penn
Anthony Adams, Harvard,
David LaFlamme, Brown

​2017 Disciplinary Committee

Chair: Jay Fluck, Brown
JoJo Bucci, Cornell
Jan Pikul, Yale University,
Kathy Flores, Brown University,
Chris Ryan, Princeton University,
Craig Wilson, Yale University,

2017 Marketing, Sponsorship, and Promotions

Chair: Andy Margolis, University of Pennsylvania,
Michael G Diamantopoulos, Harvard University,
Nick Clapinson, University of Pennsylvania,
Scott Adams, Brown University,

2017 Select Side Committee

Men's Select Side Committee

Chair: David LaFlamme, Brown
M.C Laubscher, Princeton University

Women's Select Side Committee

Chair: Chris Ryan, Princeton
Kathy Flores, Stacey Bridges

2017 Finance Committee

Chairman/Treasurer: Bob Far, Brown University,

2017 Sports Medicine Task Force

Chair: Eric Wamsley Columbia Athletic Trainer
David LaFlamme, Brown
Kelly Teixera, Brown Men Rugby Athletic Trainer
Ben Shuler, Dartmouth Athletic Trainer